Our aim is to provide the most cost effective mass social media marketing resource covering the whole of Cyprus to promote all types of businesses in one easy to use resource aimed for the first time at Visitors, Tourists and local residents alike to get businesses seen and provide complete information about you and what you do to our Cyprus wide mass audience.

Now that sounds great but what does it actually mean?

Well we use a clients bespoke listing page within our resource itcy.net and send out this information to the social media network. We use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbled Upon, Google+ and Instagram to present your business to interested customers Island wide but also targeted to a local audience in your area in an attractive way.

A potential client will see the post and click on it if they are interested in your particular product or service. Once clicked they are sent to your listing page where they can find out all about you and what you do. They are also able to get all contact details for your business and use the listing to directly contact you.

In a nutshell unlike some other web resources where you just sits there hoping that someone will find you we offer your business out and encourage potential customers to visit your listing and use your service.

Ok…. I get it but I don’t know anything about how to do this!

That’s ok its where we come in. Give us the information we need about your business and provide us with copy and photos if you wish or we can take the photos and write your copy for you. Then sit back and we produce it. Once you approve you listing we do the rest.

Yep sounds fab but I am a small business and don’t think I can afford all that?

Don’t worry Itcy.net caters for small, medium and larger business clients. Take advantage of our fantastic offer and get a Featured listing for just €6.50 a month paid yearly for 12 months. That’s just over 20 cents a day

Ok…. Sounds good but does it work?

Well, we are not a magic wand. We cannot make people use your business or service as with any advertising or marketing solution however we can get you seen in a big way to potential customers across Cyprus. Over the last 12 months till 31st March 2016 we received 2.4 million hits to the site and served 267 thousand seen adverts across the island and unlike apps our service works on any mobile computer, device or phone without downloads.

On top of that we like to pay out success forward and are proud to support The Cyprus Autism Association with €3.45 of each listing fee donated to help their charity.

Wow……… How do I find out more?

Its as easy as picking up the phone and calling Sue on 00357 97 683709 or contact us through the inquiry button on our page. We will arrange a mutually convenient time to connect and explain our service in more detail to you and see how we can help your business type.