“You live and learn” is certainly a phrase that can be applied to a home renovation. Whilst we’re probably not serial house movers here in Cyprus, you may well need a few tips from the experts to tackle the house you’ve moved into – new or old!! There is a very good article on Houzz.com on this subject: https://goo.gl/RwFWg6 (you may need a Houzz account to view) but I’ve shamelessly plagiarised it for a Cyprus audience!

Live in your home first
It’s tempting to get straight to work as soon as you’ve moved into a new home, but it’s maybe best to wait a while. If you can, take time to live in your home and experience it on a day-to-day basis before embarking on a big project. This will give you chance to work out how you use the space, assess how the light falls, and get a feel for what improvements would make the biggest difference. It’s tempting to rush into making decisions, but taking things slowly will give you much better results in the long run.

Do your research
It pays to spend time planning and organising your design project before you get started. Take your time working out exactly what you want and finding out whether you can afford it or not. If not, then look into ways in which you can make your budget go as far as possible.

Get the basics right
Err on the side of good-quality paint, wallpaper and flooring that will last. Spend the budget on these items, then everything else can work around them.

Follow your own path
When you’re finding inspiration for your design project and perhaps saving images to your Houzz Idea Book, try to keep your own needs and style very firmly in mind. Design for yourself and the way you live, rather than making changes just because they’re trendy.

Remember, less is sometimes more
Want to add some personality to your home? That doesn’t always mean you have to make a huge statement. In fact, a simple overall design can often give you scope to be flamboyant with the details.

Find good tradespeople
An extremely valuable piece of advice is to rigorously check the people you hire for the job. Look at their Houzz profile, read the reviews and check out their portfolio. If you know people who’ve used them, maybe visit their homes and ask plenty of questions. In Cyprus, not everybody can do what they say they can do….

Tap into expert advice
When you do find tradespeople you can trust, make the most of their expertise by talking through your ideas, rather than just saying what you want. Not all of them will come up with design ideas, but they will certainly add some practical concepts. But beware the sucking in of the cheeks, the shaking of the head and ‘Can’t be done’ though. Sometimes that just means he doesn’t want to do it, or doesn’t know how to do it! Getting a second opinion is always worthwhile.

Article kindly Written By Corinne Twinning From Cyprus Living Spaces