My Boat Services offers luxury boating at an affordable price. Enjoy a luxury walk on walk off service with maintenance, cleaning, servicing, storage and launching taken care of by our professional team. 

If the cost of purchasing and maintaining your own boat in Cyprus is off putting, MBS Boat Share offer an exciting alternative to ownership at a fraction of the cost of outright purchase and with all the benefits!

With our range of high end power boats, additional services, dedicated team and a comprehensive “Walk On” -“Walk Off” service, MBS Boat Share shareholders realise their dreams. Our services include a unique offering of boat share right of use where you can enjoy all the fun of having a boat at a fraction of the cost making your boat owning dreams a reality. This means that you have No devaluation in the first year against an upgrade, No repair, servicing or maintenance costs, No storage problems, No insurance payments & No cleaning to worry about and if that’s not enough there’s Interest Free Finance Terms Available too.

Already have a boat well we can also offer a secure gated & floodlit facility to store your boat with 24 hour CCTV coverage. You can be assured that no one can enter the Storage Facility without a member of MBS Boat Services in attendance. MBS Boat Services has its own fleet of vehicles, specifically selected for the transporting and launching of boats so if you ever need us to transport your boat we’re there.

We offer easy access for launching. MBS Boat Services is located 5 minutes from the Golden Coast harbour slip way where we can launch your boat.

We can advise on and process all administration matters for your boat and of course when you use MBS Boat Services we offer a Rescue Service so any problems you may encounter while out at sea we will be there to sort it out.

We also have full engine repair and servicing right on site with a workshop run by Sogradis who is as an official Mercury Marine Dealer but also one of the best boat engineers on the island.

What ever your needs where you boat is concerned or even if you are interested in buying a new boat or perhaps a share of one then MBS Boat Services offers it all.

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