Medical technology these days is now incredibly advance and here in Cyprus we are very lucky to have a thriving private medical health sector always pushing the boundaries of medical science.

ProJuvenox™ is the ultimate anti-aging technology that utilizes a rejuvenating formula and repairs cells damaged by the effects of aging by using your natural circulatory network.

Founded in 2009 the Poseidonia Medical Centre is a modern state of the art facility in Larnaca and has worked tirelessly in the field of Oxygen Therapy offering ProJuvenox™ which is totally painless to undertake but gives some incredible proven benefits.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been proven to promote the repair of injured and diseased tissue. The process relies on the patient breathing in pure oxygen while being subject to a greater than normal atmospheric pressure. When greater amounts of oxygen are available to the body, more white blood cells can be triggered to combat bacteria and other microbes that cause havoc within our immune system, the internal feeding of the tissues under higher partial pressures will stimulate Natural Collagen Growth, Restore Lost Elasticity in the skin and tissues, Rejuvenate the Skin and so much more it is untrue.

The list of benefits experienced by users of the ProJuvenox™ system are impressive to say the least with clients seeing their Nails and Skin looking more Vital and Bright, patients experiencing an Improvement in their General State of Health along with Improved Memory Recollection, Heightened Physical Performance, Better Overall Appearance, Shorter Reaction Time and Improvements in Attention Span.

There are many other health applications associated with ProJuvenox™ including Prevention of Premature Aging, Cellulite treatment, Improvement in Skin Elasticity, Healing of Varicose Veins, Weight Loss & the Removal of Sagging Skin, Re-absorption of Scars, Enhancement of the Metabolic Processes in Cells and Tissues, Improvement of Lymph and Blood Circulation and General Re-Hydration.

With regular treatment, increased oxygen will improve efficiency of white blood cells which combat bacterial growth and inflammation. Circulation is improved-giving skin a Smoother, Healthier look. ProJuvenox™ accelerates healing as the blood flow oxygen levels are increased dramatically thus allowing the healing process to function faster.

Oxygen stimulates the growth of new blood vessels and increases the activity of cells forming collagen which is the basic substance of healing. In order to form collagen molecules, oxygen atoms are essential. Through the same process, ProJuvenox™ also promotes nerve recovery, expedites wound healing, and diminishes swelling.

So if you wish you were feeling 10 years younger maybe it’s time to contact the Poseidonia Medical Centre in Larnaca to find out more about this ground breaking therapy option. No other technology can come closer to the effectiveness and results of ProJuvenox™ so why not experience the ultimate choice for anti-aging. Best of all though It’s so natural and all you have to do is Lie Back, Relax & JUST BREATHE.