talkFREEdom believes that in order to create a just, sustainable, and humane world, Humane Education needs to be at the core of everyone’s education.

Humane education helps young people: understand what is actually happening on our planet, to other people, to other species, and to the ecosystems that sustain us all experience reverence, respect, and a sense of responsibility for others and for the natural world think critically and creatively and to evaluate all information intelligently appreciate that their lives have the capacity to make a difference through their individual choices, their work, and their citizenship gain the passion and tools to successfully solve problems.

When the talkFREEdom Humane Education programmes are offered to your students, and educators, we believe they will be able to apply their knowledge, skills, and passions toward exciting, innovative, and meaningful change.

That is the power and promise of Humane Education, and it is our goal at talkFREEdom to make such a vision a reality. Contact us to book a lecture series or single guest lecture or for more information.